It all started in 1950 with a borrowed desk in Hamburg Altona. The company, then under a different name, discovered the light of the world of perfume oil. The production of good quality at good conditions made the customers’ requirements grow quickly and soon our premises were too small in Hamburg Altona, so for the time being, the company moved into a wooden shack in Hamburg Hamm. A short time later this shack was turned into a complete new building. There was a laboratory, the production site and an office where the administration had found her place. At this time, the distribution arm of "Peppermint oils“ was added to the product range and the premises were expanded.
luftaufnahme ortIn 1970 the company, which was previously conducted by two partners, was separated. The company eskage with the business lines perfume oils , flavors and peppermint oils was founded and the location was relocated to Hamburg Volksdorf.
The premises were rented and were located in the midst of a residential area. After a short time, this naturally led to difficulties and the company became known by newspapers with the headline „Volksdorfer scents" (500KB).

A local resident commented this with the following rhyme:

For years it stinks every day
Stinks of perfume that no one likes:
Ketones, aldehydes, esters,
Agatha Christie's dead sisters;
Certainly with everything around
There will be a political issue
(Otto Gentzsche)

luftaufnahmeIt was again decided to give it a new building, this time in Ahrensburg. In addition to that, the business line peppermint oil was separated and the company eskamint was founded. eskamint moved into a neighboring building and there exclusively produced articles that constituted the delivery program of peppermint oils.


But this should not have been the last time that a new location was sought. Due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the authorities, there was a recent relocation to comply the environmental and safety requirements. In 1993 the company moved onto a plot of approximately 10000qm in Bad Oldesloe (Newspaper). A modern enterprise was opened which fulfills all environmental regulations. The front building houses the administration, behind it separately with an appropriate safety margin the building with the technique is located where the corresponding laboratory and production is taking place. Modern technology and production methods are exclusively used for the production of high quality products.


Since 2009, the two companies eskage and eskamint are reunited under the present name eskage eskamint Schierholz GmbH. The company is a family run business under the management of Mr. Jürgen Schierholz and the daughters Mrs. Berit Schierholz and Mrs. Kirsten Schierholz.